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Mushrooms of Iiyama Eat a lot and promote health!
Mushroom cultivation of Iiyama with a history of over 40 years, has a high reputation in Shinshu that has the top of Japanese mushroom production volume. Such as enoki, shimeji, nameko, and maitake, they are cultivated painstakingly per roots and quality and taste are guaranteed. Mashroom has rich dietary fiber with low-calorie, and has been demonstrated variety of effects. Please help promoting health with eating a lot of mushrooms.
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Snow & temple town dining Rokubee (六兵衛) Agricultural products / edible wild plants / livestock, Asparagus, Miyuki pork, Mushroom, Restaurant / Dining room, Rice, Sasazushi, Snack bar, Tokiwa burdock, Tomikura soba Rokubee is the place to go for local cuisine, with everything from traditional dishes like Tomikura ...

Address:  32-5, Minamimachi, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2254
Telephone:   0269-62-4359

Amount(per person):3001円~5000円 Amount(per person):3001yen~5000yen Foodstuff:Agricultural Products of Iiyama Foodstuff:Miyuki Pork Foodstuff:Koshihikari produce of Iiyama Genre:Soba (Buckwheat) Genre:Japanese Food Genre:Bar Genre:Local Cuisine Facility:Smoking Permitted Facility:Tatami Room Facility:Private Room Facility:Wheelchair Accessible Facility:Charterer Available Service:Shop introduced in TV or Magazines Service:10-minutes walk from Iiyama Station (EkiChika) Service:Take-out OK Service:Shop can drink Local Brand Sake Area:Iiyama city

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